Our focus on specific relationships and interactions

For this project, we undertook three in-depth case studies. What we wanted to explore with people were some of their specific experiences of trust emerging (or collapsing). We were not looking for big generalisations about trust in society. Instead we were curious to see if we could identify some moments where there was a movement in a person’s sense of trusting another (or being trusted by another). In other words, we wanted to encourage interviewees to notice the specific human interactions and incidents in which trust or distrust emerged.  Continue reading Our focus on specific relationships and interactions

Reflections on early encounters

In researching the question “How do people build trusting relationships?”, it soon became obvious to us that there would be great scope for both reflection and reflexivity. We, the researchers, will ourselves be experiencing trust in our relationships with one another, with our funder, Roffey Park, and with interviewees. Continue reading Reflections on early encounters